The best time to become a morning person if you're a night owl!

The best time to become a morning person – if you haven’t figured it out by now


Ahh the dread of getting up. At least that’s how we night owls tend to look at it.

The alarm goes off and our bodies fill with groans of disagreement.

“It can’t be time to get up already!”

We try to soak up every last minute of sleep and we have it down to exact science what parts of our morning routine we have to cut out if we sleep… just 5, 10, or 15 more minutes.

“Maybe I don’t need to shower.” = 15 more delightful minutes of rest

“I’ll skip making breakfast and just eat another pop tart on my way.” = 10 more quiet, peaceful minutes

“I’ll just get coffee when I get to the office even though it tastes like watered down earth.” = 5 more heavenly minutes of shut eye


You get the picture. Well, you live the picture every morning actually.

Read this if you are traveling to Las Vegas

Traveling to Las Vegas? You need to read this!

Let me get straight to the point…

I’m like you.

When I’m trip planning I scour blogs, books, and other traveling resources to make sure I don’t miss anything.

But somehow, when I arrived in Las Vegas there ended up being a handful of things I had no idea about that would have made the planning process much easier! Not to mention, it would have made budgeting for the trip more accurate!

So, if your itinerary and budget are important to you at all YOU NEED TO READ THIS!


A Handful of Helpful Information for Traveling to Las Vegas

Pack light and avoid checking any bags.

If you have traveled by air recently you have probably noticed longer and longer lines. I guess TSA doesn’t have all the help they need and it’s causing majorly long lines! I can’t be certain the conditions are like this all the time,

White River Weekend Getaway

Nothing can really go wrong when the forecast shows sunny and 70° for your upcoming trip. And that’s exactly what happened for us on our most recent fly-fishing getaway to the White River in Arkansas.

Weather – it can really make or break vacations when you’re hoping to spend a lot of time outdoors. Not to mention, when you’re doing any sort of traveling in the hostile environment that Spring brings, you need to be prepared for the whole spectrum of possibilities. Rain. Snow. Wind. Thunderstorms. Tornadoes. However, if you catch fickle Mother Nature on a good day, she might just send you sunny and 70° and we were nothing but grateful!

This vacation was a birthday gift to my dad from the kids. My brothers and I got together before his birthday last December and decided to find a cabin near the White River where the whole family could spend the weekend. It’s hard to get everyone together as we get older,

Adventure happens along the way, during the journey. It has very little to do with the destination and is wildly influenced by the stage of life you're in and where you are in your own personal journey.

Brilliant Tip: Keeping a Travel Journal

Have you ever visited the same place twice?


We are definitely guilty of repeating vacations. In fact, we repeat a lot of things when it comes to traveling.

We visit the same restaurants, take the same route, go on the same hike, stay in the same campground, or visit the same attractions.

If you’re thinking this sounds like we’re taking all the adventure out of traveling, you’re in for a surprise.

TRUTH: Adventure happens along the way, during the journey. It has very little to do with the destination and is wildly influenced by the stage of life you’re in and where you are in your own personal journey.

For example: At age 16 you take a trip to Colorado with your family. Your parents tow a trailer to a lovely campground where you spend the week fishing, hiking around the lake, accidentally dropping food in the general direction of chipmunks,

Romantic camping ideas | 7 ways to make camping romantic | Great Valentine's or Anniversary ideas if you want to do something affordable but unique!


Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to woo your partner, or in search of a unique romantic idea, a Romantic Camping experience is the perfect solution for your special occasion.

Here’s how to make it happen…

Opt for a smaller tent

Sure, that family size 8 person tent is great for vacations with the kids. But the kids are staying with grandma so downsize to something more intimate. Then cozy it up with plush blankets and pillows!

Please note: I use affiliate links to products on Amazon and if you purchase a product through an affiliate link I will receive a small commission. 

Forgo the tent and book a yurt

If you’re interested in something slightly more luxurious but still want the romantic environment nature has to offer (think birds chirping, a river flowing, and the glow of a fire…) then a yurt is a great option!

Active Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Active Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Not interested in dinner and a movie? Me neither.

In the famous psychological study by Dutton and Aron it was discovered that when people have heightened arousal they will often attribute it to the person they are with.  So they find their partners more attractive,  and are more interested in them when in situations that raise anxiety, fear, psychological stress, or their heart rate in any way – including exercise.

Of course I’m not suggesting you take your date to a dangerous, life-threatening kind of place where they encounter their greatest phobia. Don’t do that. Please. Fair warning – it will not end well.

However, taking them on an active date where you get your heart pumping, blood flowing, and a good balance of anxiousness (induced by excitement) and fear (induced by doing something new) will leave the two of you more connected and dare I say in love, than ever before.

The following is a straight-forward list of date ideas that will have you and your loved one on your feet and out of those reclining theater seats!

Adventure happens along the way, during the journey. It has very little to do with the destination and is wildly influenced by the stage of life you're in and where you are in your own personal journey.

Adventure happens along the way, during the journey. It has very little to do with the destination and is wildly influenced by the stage of life you’re in and where you are in your own personal journey.

How to break in your new hiking boots | Featuring KEEN Targhee II Mid for women

Breaking In New Hiking Boots // KEEN Targhee II MID Waterproof Boot

Just in case you’re needing a little guidance on breaking in your new hiking boots I decided to share my process with you on how I broke in my new pair of Keen’s.

But before I delve in, I want to clarify what exactly “breaking in” means.

Breaking in your boots essentially means softening the leather and other materials so the boots don’t cause any uncomfortable friction or bother your feet.  While you want your new boots to withstand rugged use, you also want them to stretch and form to your unique feet – and that’s exactly what you’re doing as you “break” them in.


Here are a few key things to look for as you break in your new boots:

Ability to wiggle your toes at the end, even with a heavy hiking sock on.

No slipping at the heel when you walk.

No pinching or rubbing around the heel or top of the foot.

Welcome 2016 A year of value begins!

Welcome 2016 // A year of value begins!

As I write this post the clock is ticking… We are less than an hour away from ringing in the New Year! And I’m nervous.


This might be the first time I’ve ever felt nervous about beginning another year. If I’m honest, I should have been nervous about the past year because it was packed full of huge changes.

We completely finished college.
We sold our house.
We moved to another state.
We changed jobs.
I had to have surgery.

Through the excitement and heartache we grew closer together and strengthened our love and relationship.

But now… well, now I’m staring the clock in the face with an uneasy feeling.

I think 2016 is going to be big.

We’ve set big goals for ourselves and we are committed to them.

Motivated.  Dedicated.  Determined.  We will reach these goals.  

Setting goals for the New Year - my 2016 goals to spend more time in the great outdoors!

My 2016 Goals // Gearing myself to spend time in the great outdoors!

Thanks for joining me over here in the Men’s Korner to talk about setting goals for the New Year!  My wife and I have spent a lot of time over the holidays (during our car rides) considering what goals we should set for next year.  With 2016 around the corner, I and many others are thinking of ways to get fit, eat better, and try new things.  One thing I’m focusing on is spending more time in nature.  I’m happy to announce I’ve settled on three very fun and rewarding choices that will gear me towards being in the great outdoors!  Check out my list below and be sure to stop by Sierra’s post to see how she’s planning to conquer her 2016 goals.


Goals for 2016
  1. 52 Hike Challenge
  2. Learn and improve my fly-fishing abilities
  3. Take at least 5 long weekends to go backpacking and try primitive camping (and fly-fish a little on these too)